Review – Edifier R1580MB Speaker

Edifier R1580MB

RM 330

Build Quality











  • Great build quality
  • Good sounding
  • Microphone input (PA system)
  • Bluetooth
  • Value for money


  • Remote control lack of individual volume control
  • Lacking in the lows

The Edifier R1580MB comes with an unexpected feature which we have never seen on a bookshelf speaker – 1/4″ microphone input. If you’re looking for a speaker set that could also work as a PA system or personal karaoke speakers, maybe you’ll be interested to learn more.

Edifier R1580MB Specifications

Edifier R1580MB
Total Power OutputRMS 21 W x 2
SNR>=25 dBA
Frequency Response55Hz – 20kHz (±12dB)
Input SensitivityLine in A: 700mV ± 50mV
Line in B: 550mV ± 50mV
BT: 550mV ± 50mV


Edifier R1580MB

What’s in the box:

  • Edifier R1580MB
  • RCA to RCA cable
  • RCA to 3.5mm auxiliary cable
  • Speaker connector cable
  • Infrared remote control with cell battery included
  • User manual

Build Quality & Design

Edifier has maintained the same clean design from their R series bookshelf speakers for the R1580MB. The chassis is made of wood and the overall construction looks very sturdy with clean finishing. The front cloth grill is removable if you’re picky on how it interacts with the sound.

The back is where all the connectivities take place. While the power button still remained at the back of the speaker, most of the control knobs are located at the side of the right speaker except for the bass adjustment knob.

 Edifier R1580MB

Having a closer inspection of the rear connectivity options. Just like our previously reviewed R1010BT and R1000T4, it has two RCA inputs. What really makes the R1580MB special is the support for dual 1/4″ input for microphones. So basically you can use this set of speakers as a public address system (PA) or even better, personal karaoke system.

Edifier R1580MB

As you can see here, the three knobs provide the adjustment for microphone volume, music volume and combined volume.

Edifier R1580MB

Edifier has been releasing Bluetooth speakers with remote controls. However, I find the remote control being too generic for the R1580MB. As you can see, there is only one volume control on it. That means you can’t control the volume of the mic or music specifically.

Sound Signature

For music, the first thing you might want to know is probably the bass. Now, since this is a 2.0 bookshelf speaker without a dedicated subwoofer, don’t expect booming bass from it. The speaker does have a bass control knob, so you do have control over the amount of bass you might prefer. What really makes the Edifier R series speaker great is the clarity in the vocals and mids.  For movies, it still manages to output a rather satisfying sounding explosion while maintaining the crisp in the spoken words.

With that being said, it also means that the speaker is perfect to be used as a PA system or karaoke. While I don’t have a dedicated microphone with 1/4″ jack, but I used a 3.5mm to 1/4″ converted and connected a microphone to test the sound. That goes without saying, the individual volume control for music and microphone is a must.

Final Words

Edifier R1580MB

Some of you might be asking why would Edifier be interested in making a bookshelf speaker that has dedicated microphone input. It is not like the consumer market is having a karaoke craze. Our best guess is that Edifier R1580MB is offering a unique feature to fulfil a certain niche requirement in the market. I mean, where could you find a high quality yet affordably priced set of speaker that doubles up as a PA system? Oh, by the way, it is currently priced at RM 330 on Edifier’s official Lazada store. Of course, there are plenty of other stores that selling at lower price than the SRP.

If you or your family member happen to be a karaoke fan, there is no need to look for CD players that have 1/4″ microphone input anymore. Just directly connect the speaker to the music source and a karaoke and you’re good to go.