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Review – Roborock S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum

Roborock has arrived in Malaysia and we manage to get our hands onto their flagship model – the Roborock S6 MaxV for our office. For us, it is one of the best addition to the office since we’re always busy with editorials and video filming

Samsung The Sero: Who is this for?

Today we’re checking out Samsung The Sero 4K QLED Smart TV. The Sero in Korean means “to stand”. Apart from the obvious where the TV is standing by itself, Samsung actually is naming this TV because of its ability to display vertical contents. Yes, this

User Experience: Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K TV

The year 2020 is supposed to be the year where 8K TV takes off, especially with the Tokyo Olympics 2020 that was planned to broadcast 8K resolution to selected broadcasters. Nonetheless, that doesn’t really stop brands and TV manufacturers to proceed with their product launches.

Review – Samsung HW-Q950T 9.1.4 Soundbar

When we had our hands-on experience with the Samsung HW-Q800T soundbar, some of you asked if there’s any chance we would be reviewing the HW-Q950T. Guess what? Today what we have in our studio is the 75-inch Q950TS and the HW-Q950T soundbar. In this review

First Look: Samsung HW-Q800T Soundbar

A soundbar is an essential part of your home theatre system given that most of the modern TVs put more emphasize on the slim profile and picture quality. That indirectly affects the home theatre experience no matter how good your TV is if the sound

Review – Deepcool M-DESK F1

We often talk about computer ergonomics whereby how you should sit and how you should place your computer peripherals. Today we are not going in-depth about that topic but you will at least need to know that your monitor’s top of the screen is at

Review – COLOP e-mark Digital Stamp

COLOP is a common brand when it comes to stamping stationeries. I am sure most of the businesses out there should have at least one COLOP branded stamps in their office. That being said, it simply means that the company finance or secretary will hold

Review – Samsung Clean Station

When Samsung announced the POWERstick Jet 70 cordless vacuum cleaner, what really caught our attention is the Clean Station companion tool. You may call it a vacuum cleaner for a vacuum cleaner or vacuum-ception, that however doesn’t stop us from getting our hands onto the

Review – Samsung POWERstick Jet 70 Easy

After experiencing Samsung’s top-of-the-line series cordless stick vacuums, namely the POWERstick Pro VS8000 and POWERstick Jet VS9000, sure, they pack a lot of features and performance but at a higher cost of entry. Truth be told, I’m wondering what kind of compromises we’ll have to

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Review – Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: The showcase smartphone

This is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. It packs the latest hardware with cutting-edge camera technology. This is a crazy smartphone that people demanded Samsung to make. With great technology comes great price. At RM4,999, many jaws were dropped. It is to be expected as you’ll have to pay the price for such cutting-edge technology.