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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Review – Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: The showcase smartphone

This is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. It packs the latest hardware with cutting-edge camera technology. This is a crazy smartphone that people demanded Samsung to make. With great technology comes great price. At RM4,999, many jaws were dropped. It is to be expected as you’ll have to pay the price for such cutting-edge technology.

Review – Edifier W200BT; A Run For Your Money

We reckon the Edifier W200BT SE as one of the great value sports-oriented Bluetooth earphones we have ever tested so far. Today, we will be taking a look at its sibling the W200BT which has a shaped-neckband design to it. Read on to find out

Review – Edifier W200BT SE: Just What You Need For Your Workout

Edifier is known for their competitively priced audio products including speakers and recently, Bluetooth wireless earphones. While we were used to the thought of Chinese products focus on being affordable and usable while sacrificing the quality, the Edifier W200BT SE tells a slightly different story

Review: Edifier MP120 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers are often boring as it sacrifices audio quality over the portability of the speaker. However, not that I would say the same for the Edifier MP120 as it surprises everyone in the office with its small footprint yet powerful sound signature. Edifier MP120

Review – Edifier R1080BT

Bookshelf speakers are getting less attention recently as the personal wireless audio solution take flight, especially with the TWS style earbuds. However, that doesn’t stop Edifier from doing what they excel in with the release of the Edifier R1080BT stereo bookshelf speakers. It features Bluetooth

Review – Samsung POWERstick Jet VS9000 Vacuum Cleaner

Two months ago, Samsung unveiled its brand-new stick vacuum cleaner at IFA 2019 – the POWERstick Jet VS9000. It is the successor to our previously reviewed POWERstick Pro VS8000 and today we shall find out what are the new features on this new vacuum cleaner.

Review – Edifier G2000 Gaming Stereo Speakers

Gaming oriented audio devices are not exactly new in the PC market, just that most of the consumers out there would prefer to have a pair of headphones over the speakers due to the requirement of spoken communication over the microphone. That being said, speakers

Review – Samsung Galaxy Fold: An Extraordinary Experience

We have seen different kinds of handheld computers portrayed in sci-fi movies where the characters can magically pull out a big screened device from their pocket. Through those vision came the Samsung Galaxy Fold which the South Korean giant aims to recreate the same experience.

Review: Edifier GM3 Wireless Gaming Earphones

Mobile gaming has been on the rise and the removal of 3.5mm audio jack from smartphones means that wireless gaming audio is something we will be seeing more and more in the coming future. That said, Edifier has stepped up their game and sent us