Sony A9G Soft launch

Sony Malaysia Announces the new A9G 4K OLED Television

Sony’s MASTER Series TVs represents the company’s creme of the crop display technology that provides premium picture quality, colour, contrast, and clarity near of a professional-grade monitor. The new model also features the new generation Picture Processor X1 Ultimate for the accurate details reproduction. It

Samsung Q900R

We Gamed on the Samsung Q900R 82-inch 8K QLED TV

Samsung Malaysia has invited us over to their new office to experience the all-new Samsung Q900R 82-inch 8K QLED TV, since shipping a costly and massive 82-inch TV for review would not be efficient for obvious reasons. Samsung Q900R & HW-Q90R Soundbar The day started

Sony SEL35F18F

Sony Announces the New FE 35mm f/1.8 Lens (SEL35F18F)

Sony has finally announced the long-awaited FE 35mm f/1.8 lens (SEL35F18F) for their E-mount full-frame mirrorless system. Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 SEL35F18F Before this, if you’re looking for a first-party 35mm prime lens for your spanking new Sony A7 III, the only option is either

External Storage

Choosing the Right External Storage

While the modern cloud storage services are getting more popular due to their ease of access, in some use cases, local external storage is still highly regarded especially for large file sizes and faster download/copy speed. In this short write up, I’m going to break

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition: Blazing performance with Snapdragon 855

Recently, OPPO had a big overhaul. Marking a brand new era for OPPO smartphones with the grand unveiling of the OPPO Reno series, a new logo was also unveiled. With a sleeker modern look while retaining the same colors, OPPO is finally redefining themselves – by targeting the premium high-end smartphone market.

Review – ASUS VivoBook Ultra A512: Lightweight & Beautiful

ASUS just released the brand new VivoBook Ultra A512 into the market. We know for sure that this VivoBook is meant for those who want a lightweight yet with decent performance at a low price tag. The new “Ultra” moniker here means that it is closer to an ultrabook than a conventional budget laptop. You’ll see why in this review.

ASUS Announces ZenBook 13/14/15 with ScreenPad 2.0

ASUS has unveiled the next generation of ZenBook 13/14/15 with the ScreenPad 2.0 touchscreen trackpad. First seen on the ZenBook Pro 15, the ScreenPad has been improved to have more functionalities while keeping the power consumption low. ScreenPad 2.0 The new ScreenPad 2.0 hardware is