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Edifier R1580MB

Review – Edifier R1580MB Speaker

The Edifier R1580MB comes with an unexpected feature which we have never seen on a bookshelf speaker – 1/4″ microphone input. If you’re looking for a speaker set that could also work as a PA system or personal karaoke speakers, maybe you’ll be interested to learn

Sonic Gear Space

Review – Sonic Gear SPACE Series Compared

We don’t usually review a whole series of speakers in one go, but when we do, we compare all of them side by side so you have a better idea what are their differences. Enter the Sonic Gear SPACE series, it is Sonic Gear’s latest

Elysium Iron Mini

Review – Elysium Iron Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are great for portability and offer better audio quality than your smartphone without relying on the troublesome cables. In the market, unless they are made by reliable brands, you will usually find a lot of other cheaply made ones with a fancy look on it.

Edifier R1010BT Review: Entry Level Bookshelf with Bluetooth

Our previously reviewed Edifier R1000T4 is an excellent pair of speaker that sounds great and doesn’t cost a bomb. Today, what we have in the labs is the Edifier R1010BT, a new addition to the R1000 series with Bluetooth functionality and new design. Read on to find out more about the new Edifier bookshelf speakers.

Edifier R1000T4 Review

Edifier R1000T4 Review

The Edifier R1000T4 is an entry level bookshelf speaker from Edifier. For the price of RM 229, it comes with simplicity, or elegant design if you may, that encompasses the design standards of Millennials and also the need of people who need good audio quality

Edifier M2280

Edifier M2280 Speaker Review: Sleek and Good Sounding

If you know me personally, I am the type of person who appreciates any peripherals or gadgets that bridge the users with the computers. While I may be a keyboard enthusiast but input/output gadgets do include mice, trackpads, monitors, speakers and more. There are literally