Edifier R1000T4 Review

Edifier R1000T4

RM 229

Build Quality











  • Great build quality
  • Classy design
  • Good lows and well controlled highs
  • Excellent for musics and instrumentals
  • Great value


  • Control knobs at the back of speaker
  • Muffled mids and vocals

Edifier R1000T4 Review

The Edifier R1000T4 is an entry level bookshelf speaker from Edifier. For the price of RM 229, it comes with simplicity, or elegant design if you may, that encompasses the design standards of Millennials and also the need of people who need good audio quality within a budget. Let’s dive into the review, shall we?

Edifier R1000T4 Specifications Overview

Edifier R1000T4
Total Power OutputRMS 12 W x 2
SNR>=85 dBA
Frequency Response75Hz – 18kHz (±12dB)
Input SensitivityR/L: 700mV ± 50mV


Build Quality & Design

The speaker housing is consists of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) instead of wood to keep the cost down while maintaining the sound signature. Meanwhile, the wood accent finishing is classy and compliments to most setups. Then, I still hope Edifier would offer another dark wood option because of the latest trends in the interior design are usually bias towards a contrasty theme.

The cloth grill can be easily removed for cleaning purpose.

The back panel of the master right channel speaker consists of the input connectors and control knobs.

The power switch, volume control knobs and RCA input connectors. The package includes 2 different cables:

  • RCA to RCA
  • 3.5mm AUX to RCA

The R1000T4 supports dual input option:

  • PC
  • AUX

There’s a significant difference between the 2 connectors where the PC input is less sensitive and less pronounced bass. This is because, in PC setup, the user is sitting extremely near to the speaker hence different adjustment is needed for it.

The slave left channel speaker.

At the back is only consists of the speaker terminal connector and the bass reflex port.

Bass reflex port at the back.

The spring clip speaker terminal cup for connecting the slave speaker to master speaker.

3/4-inch tweeter.

4-inch bass driver with black and gold accent.

User Experience

The sound signature produced by the pair is pretty neutral. What I try to say is that the bass is not over exaggerated and the treble is well controlled. The bass produced by the 4-inch bass driver is grippy and sturdy. While I won’t describe it as “boom” because it indeed lacks the ability to produce punchy bass especially for blockbuster movies and games. For obvious reasons, the Edifier R-series studio/bookshelf speakers are meant for music. Turning up the volume, of course, it will still shake up your desk.

Meanwhile, for treble, as I mentioned is well controlled because it sounds bright and at the same time not going overboard with it. Check out the music embedded here – Time Lapse by TheFatRat, especially starting from 1:00 part, the 3/4-inch tweeter drivers are giving their best in reproducing the tunes with the bass drivers. The water drops sound effect sound just right on the spot.

The weakness, however, is that the vocals and mids can be a bit muffled and lacks the depth. The artists would sound rather flat and I have mixed feelings about the song because the background music elements have the tendency to over-shine the lyrics. This effect is rather obvious if you’re within 1 metre from the speaker. Hence, part of the reason is due to the placement and positioning of the speakers.

Final Words

There are a lot of misconception that good sounding speakers must have boomy and punch bass. Since the general perception leans towards the bassy spectrum, that’s the reason why 2.1 speakers are selling so well in Malaysia due to the availability of a dedicated woofer unit. In fact, if you’re a person who appreciates music and stereo experience, 2.0 speakers are the way to go.

After spending 1 month with the Edifier R1000T4, I am very happy with my experience with the pair. At the suggested retail price of RM 229, I am very pleased that Edifier is capable of providing end consumers with a bookshelf speaker that produces great sound quality. If you have a dedicated music player or planning to setup a small home hi-fi, the Edifier R1000T4 is a good starting point without breaking your bank.