Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review: Feature Packed yet Affordable


Warlord Phantom

RM 899
Warlord Phantom

Build Quality








User Experience





  • Good & secure packaging
  • Screwdriver tool provided
  • Comfy seating experience
  • Detachable neck and lumbar support cushion
  • Metal base with smooth rolling casters
  • 4D adjustable armrest
  • Breathable faux leather
  • Stable even when lying down at 180'
  • Reasonably priced


  • Screws are pre-screwed instead of separately packaged
  • Unclear user manual instructions
  • Unnecessary anti-slip plastic texture on wheel base
  • Wobbly arm rest

Warlord Phantom Review - 02

The gaming chair market has been booming since last year. Especially during our trip to the Computex 2017 in Taipei, we have noticed an increase in the brands that decided to invest in their own gaming chair series. Obviously, the supply rises because of the customer’s demand.

Warlord is a South-East Asian brand where they get their hands dirty in designing and improving the current existing gaming gears. Today what we have in our labs is the Warlord Phantom gaming chair. It is the second most expensive model Warlord has to offer as opposed to the Horsemen X and Templar. Let’s take a look at what do we get from the price tag of RM 899.

Warlord Phantom Specifications Overview

Warlord Phantom Feature - 01 Warlord Phantom Feature - 02

Video Review

Assembly Experience

Warlord Phantom Review - 19

Out of the box, Warlord provides a multi-tool so that you don’t have to dig out your dusty toolbox from the storeroom.

The installation manual booklet uses high-quality paper and colour printed. However, the instructions in the manual are not as detailed as it should have been, especially for those new users who just got their hands onto a gaming chair that requires self-assembly.

Warlord Phantom Review - 07

The whole assembly process took us almost an hour to complete and frankly speaking, we bumped into quite a few hiccups due to the unclear instructions on the user manual. The screws are pre-installed into the screw-holes instead of being packaged separately. That means users have to first remove all the screws before I can even start the assembly process.

Do check out our rather low-quality Facebook live stream assembly process.

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