Review – Edifier W330NB Active Noise Cancelling Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

Edifier W330NB


Build Quality











  • Decent build quality
  • Comfortable
  • Great ANC performance
  • Good sound quality
  • Great battery life
  • Value for money


  • Soft travelling pouch instead of hardshell case
  • Dangling earbuds when not wearing

Edifier has been on a release streak where they unveil one after another new Bluetooth earphones to the market. Followed closely after the premium W860NB and the mid-ranged W828NB, the new W330NB is particularly designed to take on Sony’s WI-C600N in the neckband-style active noise cancelling Bluetooth earphones category.

Light Weight & Low Profile

Edifier W330NB

For those who are not familiar with the neckband-style earphones, it lands in the middle ground between the bulky headphones and ultra-lightweight wired earbuds. By integrating the batteries and electronic components into the neckband, headphone manufacturers can recreate the same experience of wearing a pair of normal earbuds but with all the wireless features. This is especially useful for those users who complain wireless earphones are heavy and easily fall off from the ears due to the added weight of the components and battery.

Edifier W330NB

The buttons and LED are tucked within the inner or under the band which leaves the exterior of the band clean.

Edifier W330NB

The W330NB is easy to wear and the curvature on the neckband lies comfortably on your neck. My only dissatisfaction would be the dangling earbuds if you ever decided to wear only one side, for instance, while walking on the street.

User Experience

Edifier W330NB

The pairing process is relatively easy without any hiccup. The moment you toggle the ANC switch to “On” you will immediately enjoy reduced surrounding noise while fully indulged in the world of music. The separately operated ANC with a physical switch means you can use the earphones as a noise isolation tool without the need of turning on the Bluetooth. Do remember to turn off the ANC switch before storing the headphone as it will continuously drain the battery.

As for the sound quality, just like many other noise cancellation earphones out there, the best and most detailed sound quality is only available if you disable the ANC function. By default, the mids are very clear and precise, making vocals sound amazing. The treble is not particularly great and it gets slightly muffled as you turn on the ANC. Fortunately, the bass and generally, the lower frequency part is not really affected by much.

Now, I don’t mean to say headphones with ANC sounds terrible, just that ANC plays around with the sound wave to reduce the external noise, so it will affect your music quality no matter how good it is. The advantage is, of course, allowing you to enjoy music while suppressing noise distraction.

The perfect example would be using the noise cancellation function while in public transit such as on planes or train rides. My experience of using the W330NB during my flight to Taipei has been marvellous. My trip to Taipei took place during the school holiday season and God knows how terrible the flight was with infants and young kids. I just switch on the ANC and work on my review articles without getting irritated.

Battery Life

Edifier W330NB

Charging is done through the micro USB port hidden underneath the rubber port cover.

A single full charge will provide 8-hours of continuous playback with ANC turned on. Otherwise, with ANC turned off the W330NB is capable of providing up to 14 hours of music playback.

Final Words

Edifier W330NB

The Edifier W330NB is now my go-to noise-cancelling earphones thanks to its neckband form factor. The earphone provides good sound quality while being easy to pack for travel. It is also a great choice considering that previously Edifier only offers ANC function on overhead headphones such as the W860NB and W828NB. Furthermore, at the price of RM299, pretty sure you won’t get anything better than this.