DJI Spark Launches in Malaysia; Smallest Drone with Gesture Control

DJI Spark Launch

DJI today launches their smallest consumer drone, the DJI Spark, to the Malaysian market. The Spark is capable of lifting off from your palm to capture and share the special moment while on-the-go.

DJI Spark Gesture Mode

The Spark incorporates DJI’s latest technology that allows users to control the drone with hand gestures. Hence enabling anyone to take aerial selfies without having to fiddle around with any app or controllers. As the Spark takes off from your palm, it will automatically enter the Gesture Mode. DJI’s PalmControl technology lets users control the Spark with just hand movements, for example, send Spark up and away from you, take it a selfie, and call it back.

The lightweight (300 grammes) and compact design of the Spark mean it could fit in almost any bag with ease, making it the perfect lifestyle accessories that empower anyone to seize that unique moment.

The Spark can also be controlled with a smart device with the DJI GO 4 app or using the remote controller for longer range operation:

  • Gesture control (up to 3 metres)
  • Smart devices with DJI GO 4 app via WiFi (up to 100 metres and 50 metres height)
  • Dedicated remote control (up to 2000 metres)

QuickShot Intelligent Flight Mode

Apart from the easy-to-use Gesture Mode, the Spark also comes with a few predefined flight modes that even newbies would be able to shoot professional looking videos easily. There are four presets of flight patterns available out of the box: Rocket, sending Spark straight up into the air with the camera pointed down; Dronie, flying up and away from your subject; Circle, rotating around the subject; and Helix, spiralling away from a subject as it flies upward. For each QuickShot, Spark will automatically create a 10-seconds video from your flight that is ready to share on social media.

Previously introduced Intelligent Flight Modes such as TapFly and ActiveTrack can also be found on Spark. Developed based on DJI’s vision technology, a new TapFly sub-mode called Coordinate allows Spark to fly to a location you tap on your mobile device screen. TapFly’s Direction Mode lets you keep flying in the direction you tap on the screen. Using ActiveTrack, Spark will automatically recognise and track an object you choose, keeping it at the centre of the frame for perfect shots of objects in motion. Whether you are using TapFly or tracking a subject, Spark’s 3D Sensing System will actively sense obstacles in front of the aircraft.

DJI Spark General Specifications and Features

  • 12-MP, 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor
  • 25mm f/2.6 lens
  • Up to 1080p 30fps video
  • 2-axis mechanical gimbal (pitch, roll)
  • 1480 mAh battery (16 minutes flight time)
  • 143 x 143 x 55 cm; 300 grammes
  • QuickShot Intelligent Flight mode, Gesture Mode, TapFly, ActiveTrack

Pricing & Availability

The DJI Spark will be available in 2 different packages:

  • Standard, includes
    • DJI Spark
    • 1x battery
    • USB Charger
    • 3x pairs of propellers

RM 2,288 (including GST) [now available]

  • Fly More Combo, includes
    • DJI Spark
    • 3x batteries
    • 4x pairs of propellers
    • remote control
    • propeller guards
    • charging hub (charge up to 3 batteries at the same time)
    • shoulder bag
    • cables

RM 3,188 (including GST) [estimated to arrive in mid-August 2017]

Colour options include, with the rest estimated to arrive in mid-august:

  • Alpine White [Available now]
  • Sky Blue
  • Meadow Green
  • Lava Red
  • Sunrise Yellow

ECS Astar Sdn Bhd is DJI’s authorised distributor in Malaysia. DJI Spark is available at, through ECS resellers and DJI Authorized Dealers across Malaysia.

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