Samsung Confirmed to Refurbish the Galaxy Note7


Samsung confirms that the Note7 will make a come back as refurbished device in their latest press release. Location and date of release remained unclear as Samsung still have to work out with requirements from the regulatory authorities as well as the local market’s demand. Samsung also mentions a few principles to ensure the Galaxy Note7 devices are processed and recycled in an environmental-friendly manner.

For those devices that do not pass the refurbish’s requirements, components such as semiconductors and camera modules shall be detached and recycled for test sample product purposes. I can see that modules that are not directly tied to the PCB can be easily recycled for this purpose. Meanwhile, precious metals, such as copper, nickel, gold and silver from the rest of the components will be extracted.

Personally, I think refurbishing the device is a great move by Samsung. Other than being environmentally friendly, Samsung can at least make some return from the device instead of having them rotting in the warehouse. While there’s no guarantee that they will sell it at a lower price, but hey, at least there’s a possibility for certain consumers to purchase a flagship device at cheap.

The most difficult part of the process would be the naming of the device. As we all know that the public is kind of paranoid with the name “Note7”. Just name an example, the airlines, Samsung will have a lot of clarification to do if they were to release the device. What do you think of the refurbish of the Samsung Galaxy Note7?

Source: Samsung

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