Review – Samsung POWERstick Jet VS9000 Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung POWERstick Jet VS9000


Build Quality











  • Good build quality
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Good suction power
  • Easy to clean
  • Standalone charging station
  • Decent battery life (Min & Med)
  • HEPA filtration


  • Pricey
  • Heavy main unit
  • Terrible battery life (max)

Two months ago, Samsung unveiled its brand-new stick vacuum cleaner at IFA 2019 – the POWERstick Jet VS9000. It is the successor to our previously reviewed POWERstick Pro VS8000 and today we shall find out what are the new features on this new vacuum cleaner.

Video Review

What’s in the box

  • Samsung POWERstick Jet VS9000
  • Soft action brush
  • Turbo action brush
  • Spinning sweeper
  • Combination tool
  • Extension crevice tool
  • Mini motorised tool
  • Flexible tool
  • Sweeper & mop cloths
  • Charging Station

It is unclear why the turbo action brush is being packed separately even though the website and the user manual has stated it as the standard accessory.

User Experience

Charging Stand

Coming from its predecessor, the major improvement of the Samsung POWERstick Jet VS9000 is, in fact, the standalone charging station. Previously, you will have to drill and mount the charging dock on your wall which is both troublesome and stupid, to be honest.

The new charging station is easier to set up and repositioned, not to mention it has more mounting slots to keep all the different accessories and still has a room for charging an extra battery.

Brushes & Accessories

The accessories package is rather generous with all the different powered and non-powered tools to match different cleaning purposes.

  • Soft action brush – Gently clean the hard floors
  • Turbo action brush – Deep clean carpets
  • Spinning sweeper – Combined with velcro-attached cloths for wet mopping
  • Combination tool – Retractable brush for effective dusting
  • Extension crevice tool – Reach those crevices
  • Mini motorised tool – Effective couch & bed cleaning
  • Flexible tool – Easier to reach high areas such as bookshelves

Fully Washable Dustbin

The dustbin is fully washable, including the multi-cyclone system in the bin.

Multi-Cleaning Modes & Battery Life

At the top of the handle lies an illuminated status display showing the vacuum mode and troubleshooting LED. The 3-button control scheme is easy to understand – On/Off Switch, increase power, decrease power. When the spinning sweeper is attached, the control unit recognises it and switch to Wet Mode. In this mode, the POWERstick Jet will only supply power to the tool head without turning on the vacuum motor.

The battery life per charge varies depending on which power mode you’re using.

  • Wet – 80 minutes
  • Min – 60 minutes
  • Med – 45 minutes
  • Max – 6 minutes

For some reason, the Max mode will drain the fully charged battery in just 6 minutes, quite a huge contrast when compared with Medium mode at 45 minutes. Not to mention the charging time from flat to full would need at least 3 hours. In other words, if your daily household cleaning takes longer than that, you might want to invest in a second battery.

Long story short, the medium and max mode is more than sufficient for everyday cleaning. Min mode, however, is underpowered for proper cleaning and I couldn’t come up with any reason to use it other than being slightly quieter and longer battery life. Since the suction power is lower means you have to spend more time cleaning anyway.

Final Words – Samsung POWERstick Jet VS9000

The Samsung POWERstick Jet VS9000 is retailing at RM3,599 which is considered as a premium class vacuum cleaner from the view of general consumers. Of course, exotic brands with a higher price tag still exist out there but going through Lazada & Shopee will reveal a whole bunch of low-cost vacuum cleaners at a dirt-cheap price.

Now, the law of diminishing return still stays true to this product. It’s not like you’ll get double the performance if you pay double for it. I mean, if you were to compare it to any other cheaper stick vacuums, the battery life is roughly the same and they both do the job of sucking in dust and stuff.

For the premium price you’re paying, it does have a couple of advantages. For example, the motorised vacuum tools that ease the cleaning process and most importantly, a properly sealed airflow system and HEPA filtration. This particular factor has is extremely important to those who have an allergy to micro-dusts.