Xiaomi Mi 6 now official: Snapdragon 835 and Dual Camera

Xiaomi has officially unveiled their 2017’s flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 6, at Beijing yesterday. The new flagship has set foot into the battlefield to face against the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Huawei P10.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Specs

  • Snapdragon 835 10nm
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 64 GB or 128 GB internal storage
  • 5.15-inch display, four-sided 3D glass, 1920 x 1080 IPS
  • Stainless steel sides
  • Under-glass fingerprint sensor at the front
  • Splash-resistant, with splash-sealed SIM tray
  • 12 MP wide angle + 12 MP telephoto camera
  • 4-axis optical image stabilisation (OIS) and 2x lossless zoom
  • 3350 mAh battery
  • Dual speakers

64 GB – RMB 2,499 (RM 1,597)

128 GB – RMB 2,899 (RM 1,852)

The design of the phone largely resembles of what we have seen in the Xiaomi Mi 5. The team has taken a step further with the implementation of the four-sided curved glass at the front and back panel. Creating a phone that feels great to hold in the hands. While it is not IP-rated for water and dust proofing, Xiaomi has stated the phone will be at least splash-proof with rubber sealing.

They even hop onto the dual camera bandwagon with the Xiaomi Mi 6. The camera uses 2 different focal length lens, one standard lens and another telephoto lens. It works just like the iPhone 7 Plus, where you get 2x lossless zooms and takes awesome looking portraits.

More photos below:

Xiaomi Mi 6 Ceramic

Xiaomi also releases a premium model, the Xiaomi Mi 6 Ceramic. The first phone that embodies a ceramic case was the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX. This time, the company is applying the the same premium material onto their flagship device.

They even have 18-karat gold applied to the camera rims. How much does the premium costs? RMB 2,999, which is about RM 1,916.


The phone is available in China starting end of April 2017. No news when will it arrive in our shores. Nevertheless, stay tuned for more updates.


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