OPPO R13 leaked; Attack of the iPhone X Clones


Today, 24 November 2017, is the day where the iPhone X is officially made available to Malaysians. At the same time, we have received some news regarding the photo leak of the upcoming OPPO R13. Unsurprisingly, they look just like the iPhone X.

OPPO R13, Alleged iPhone X clone

OPPO is a big name in smartphone industry from China where Malaysians would usually recognise it as the “Selfie Expert”. They are also notorious for producing Android smartphones that look almost identical to the iPhones. Especially since the launch of their R9 and F1s smartphones.

From the above images, except that the back panel is made of aluminium, the dual camera arrangement with the flash is the exact clone of the iPhone X. Even at the front screen we also can see that OPPO hasĀ opted for the swipe home gesture at the chin instead of relying on Android’s navigation bar.


What about the display notch at the front? Fret not as OPPO has it covered for you. As shown above is the alleged patent document for the display.

For the record, the OPPO R9 and OPPO F1s have a lot of similarities to the iPhone 6/6s. Then the OPPO R9s and OPPO F3 have the same antenna redesign as the iPhone 7. Followed by the OPPO R11 with the dual camera at the back is easily mistaken with the iPhone 7 Plus. Even OnePlus is not spared from the same fate as OPPO is the parent company for OnePlus. Therefore R11 design is being recycled to use on the OnePlus 5.

Will we be seeing OnePlus 6 sporting the same design as OPPO R13 and iPhone X?

Sources: TechDroider & SlashLeaks

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