OpenSignal Ranks YES as the Best 4G LTE Speed and Availability in Malaysia

YES 4G Ranked

OpenSignal, one of the global trusted wireless coverage mapping services has ranked YTL Communications’ 4G as the leader in overall download speed and LTE signal availability. According to the report dated October 2017, the analysis was completed with analysing over 1 billion measurements taken on more than 75,000 test devices. That clearly shows why OpenSignal is the trusted global standard for the mobile experience.

Download Speed: Overall

Knowing that the global average download speed of 16.6Mbps, YES 4G LTE’s average download speed of 19.3Mbps is clearly ahead of it as well as all other local operators. According to Mr Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications, this is made possible with their initial investment in the modern communications equipment and focuses on rolling out hi-speed 4G services.

YES 4G Ranked

During the press conference, Mr Wing also demonstrated the blazing fast 4G+ on hisĀ Samsung Galaxy Note8. It proves that reaching 100Mbps on a smartphone is not a dream and it is available for all their customers with 4G+ capable phones.

Availability: 4G

Despite being a new contender in the market, YES also outshine the rest of the telcos in providing the best 4G LTE signal availability. YES customers are able to connect to 4G LTE signal at 93.2% of all time. That is a whopping 13% ahead of its next competitor.


YTL Communications’ 4G LTE service and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is just 15 months old in Malaysia. Winning 2 out of 6 awards from OpenSignal is not a small feat for them. Being the country’s only All-4G and All-IP network provider, this has further affirmed YTL Communications’ 4G leadership, its commitment and being a brand that cares for all Malaysians while providing the best 4G Internet for people throughout Malaysia.

More info available at OpenSignal. They have done a great job in the analysis.

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