Hyper Diamond Cut Dazzling Blue Huawei P10

Hyper Diamond Cut Dazzling Blue Huawei P10

Huawei has officially announced the Huawei P10 line-up in Malaysia. Despite the P10 and P10 Plus will come in 7 different colours, at launch, however, they will be only available in Prestige Gold and Graphite Black with more colours coming sometime around May or June. Today, while we attended the Huawei P10’s product showcase, even the demo units are available in Graphite Black only.

That doesn’t stop us from looking for the unit with Hyper Diamond Cut chassis, particularly the Dazzling Gold and Dazzling Blue units. Special thanks to the event attendant, we manage to get our hands on to a unit of Huawei P10 Dazzling Blue. Apparently, it is an engineering sample. Very interesting!

Our first look at the phone, I am not disappointed.

Apparently, Huawei is implementing ultra precision diamond cutting to form the micro-pyramid surface structure. The photo above is an extract from Huawei’s promotional video.

Huawei pointed that the finishing helps reduce smudges while improves the handling of the phone. On top of that, it also creates a special reflection that makes the phone unique in its own way.

The closest photo I could get to showcase the micro-pyramids. You get the idea.

Huawei came up with a special multi-layer glass back design on the Honor 8 and we absolutely love it. Now, comes the Hyper Diamond Cut surface on the Huawei P10. We spent 10 minutes on the phone and our first impression was great.

As we know, metal phones can be slippery unless you have any kinds of grippy bumper or casing on it. Unlike any phone with rubberized surface, the textured surface felt grippy without the stickiness feel.

What do you think of Huawei’s Hyper Diamond Cut? We certainly can’t wait and hope that we’re getting a unit for review.

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