More Than Just A Smart Watch – The New Huawei Watch 2 Offers Style, Function and Versatility

Huawei Watch 2

Technology is vital to our lives including the way we present ourselves. Staying up to date with technology is no longer carrying the latest gadgets but more importantly, to enhance one’s image. The introduction of the smartwatch has shaped new perception on styling with timepieces as it represents your status and sense of style. 

Classic vs Technology

Millions of people style with classic watches because it shapes a professional and high-end image. After all, high-end timepieces are generally expensive due to its aesthetic workmanship, elegant design and soul. The new ceramic bezel give timepieces a finer edge in terms of design and usability.  It is six times harder than stainless steel, highly resistant to abrasion yet weighs lighter than other alloyed materials.

With consumers spoiled with choices of luxurious timepieces as an accessory, this is where smartwatches come in. The HUAWEI WATCH 2 is a smartwatch series that marries cutting-edge technology and traditional watch-making. Featuring a ceramic bezel, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 adopts the 45-mm diameter and ratio of a traditional wristwatch. You can also enjoy the luxury of getting things done with the built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) by simple verbal instructions and hand gestures – all of which will elevate your image.


Styling for different occasions used to be tricky. With a wide variety of digital watch faces to select from, HUAWEI WATCH 2 lets you express your creativity when you customize with watch faces that accommodate your mood and needs throughout the day.

The HUAWEI WATCH2 is highly functional for the average gym goer as well. It comes with features including heartbeat monitoring as well as water and dust resistance to get you on the go. Other than better ergonomics and comfort to active users, it also lets you look good as you dash about.

Stay Connected 24 Hours

Staying connected at all times is important. HUAWEI WATCH 2 is a smartwatch that never misses a call. It features a 4G connectivity and a hidden SIM card slot. This helps to keep you on your toes by keeping your hands free of a mobile phone. In addition, you can also access a variety of applications such as weather forecast, Facebook chats, Uber and many more.

For more information on HUAWEI WATCH 2and other innovations, please visit or HUAWEI’s official Facebook page

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