Great Wall iGame Launches in Malaysia: Unveiling Tembak Ikan Mobile Game

Great Wall iGame

Malaysia’s latest mobile gaming company, Great Wall iGame Sdn. Bhd. (GWi) was officially launched adding a new viable contender in the local gaming industry. Established on September 21st, 2016 to partake primarily in mobile games and devices platform providing innovative content to Malaysia and beyond. The launch today also saw the introduction of UMU Wallet, a proprietary platform created by GWi that will allow players and business builders to effectively communicate and transact.

GWi’s core business activity covers two key area: mobile gaming and multimedia technology and development. Through partnerships with world top game manufacturers, the company also provides creative and innovative solutions. By leveraging on the strengths and capabilities of these manufacturers as well as their local and regional know-how and experience, GWi is able to offer products that are both relevant and fulfilling the needs of the market.

“The inception of GWi was spurred by the Malaysian government’s ambition to become the regional leader in the gaming market and its export of gaming content capabilities. We are proud to be part of this digital revolution in providing the best product for global use and enjoyment,” commented Dato’ Sri Wong Ing Soon, Founder of Great Wall iGame Sdn. Bhd.

Currently operating in Malaysia, GWi is planning to extend its regional footprint across ASEAN and Middle-East countries. In addition to establishing partnerships with the best game manufacturers globally, GWi’s market development strategy will also include a solid licensing and agent programme. Which will see the active participation of numerous parties including payment gateway operators, sales agents, web developers and even telecommunication companies, especially through its UMU Wallet platform.

“What the UMU Wallet offers is truly an all-in-one gaming solution. From the diversity of its unique games to the cutting-edge payment mechanism, the platform creates ease of use and communication between all parties involved. This innovative convenience sets it apart from other products in the market and we are proud to be working with ARC PLAY Ltd. Co. from Taiwan to bring it to Malaysia,” explained Dato’ Joseph Foo, Director of Great Wall iGame Sdn. Bhd.

With the UMU Wallet, players are able to reload credits, play games and P2P transfer credits; offering a complete, seamless and safe gaming experience.

The introduction of GWi and UMU Wallet today also included the unveiling of the company’s first mobile game Tembak Ikan. It is a point-and-shoot ocean adventure game with several interactive game rooms such as Gold Dragon, Anglerfish, Sarcosuchus and Kraken.

More information on GWi, UMU Wallet and Tembak Ikan can be found at or Facebook: Great Wall IGame Sdn Bhd

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