GoPro FUSION Teased: To be Available Q1 2018, Price TBC

GoPro Fusion

GoPro FUSION has been teased for so long that we finally have a look at the actual camera itself during the GoPro HERO6 launch yesterday.


GoPro Fusion

We have seen many creators mount multiple GoPro HERO cameras to create a 360-degree footage. The rig itself costs a fortune and not to mention the extra effort needed for the post-processing. Hence, the FUSION is the exact answer for these creators.

GoPro Fusion

The FUSION captures 5.2Kp30 360-degree video which allows flexible post-processing, especially reframing shots for 1080p30 videos. This means you can now deliver multi-angle video from a single camera.

The GoPro FUSION is available for pre-order in the US for $699 and shipping in November. Official local distributor FunSportz Sdn Bhd does mention the FUSION will soon available to the Malaysian market in Q1 2018, just that the pricing and actual releasing date is still unknown to us at the moment.

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