Edifier Launches the S350DB Studio Series Speaker

Edifier S350DB

Edifier Malaysia has invited us to experience their latest offering in their Studio series – the S350DB. The speaker packs a powerful 8-inch subwoofer for optimised movie and gaming experience, with sound quality that rivals even high-end 2.0 speakers. It also supports multiple audio input options to match our multi-gadget lifestyle.

Edifier S350DB

Supreme sound quality in a small package

As a new member of the Edifier’s Studio series, the sound it produces is comparable to high-end studio speakers. The compact sized speakers equipped with titanium dome tweeters and 3.5-inch aluminium diaphragm. The 8-inch subwoofer unit manages to produce deep bass that further enhances the movie and gaming experience.

Incorporated with Texas Instrument DSP for accurate Active Crossovers, the signal is further amplified by Texas Instrument TAS5754 to increase the output power while reducing the impedance. End result? Producing sounds that stay faithful to its original source. Lipper high precision sound measurement system also used to test the Edifier S350DB for precise sound reproduction.

Multi Input Options

The S350DB supports multiple types of inputs:

  • Bluetooth with Apt-X technology
  • Coaxial
  • Line-in
  • Aux

Perfect for your multi-device setup that shares a pair of great sounding speakers. It also comes with a redesigned remote control for absolute control with style. The Apt-X technology enhances the Bluetooth sound streaming quality, hence eliminating the frustration of high latency sound streaming service.


The Edifier S350DB is now available at online and authorised resellers at RM 1,099.

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