Transcend DrivePro 50 Offers The Ultimate Protection On The Road For A Worry-Free Road Trip

DrivePro 50

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what will you be doing this year for her? If you’re planning to bring her on a road trip, a dash cam for that extra protection on the road is definitely a must nowadays. Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to offer its 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award winning product, the DrivePro 50, to provide the ultimate protection on the road for you to enjoy a worry-free road trip with her.

wide apature
Compact Design with Large F/1.8 Aperture and 130° Viewing Angle

The Transcend DrivePro 50 features a large F/1.8 aperture to capture all details of an incident, including license plates, during either daytime or nighttime. The camera also integrates a wide 130° viewing angle and a Full HD imaging sensor for clear and smooth 1080p (30fps) video recording.

The DrivePro 50 features a compact design, measuring just 55mm × 58mm x 31.15mm and weighing only 49g. Its compact design will not block the driver’s view when installed behind the rear mirror.

built-in G sensor

Built-in G-Sensor for Emergency Recording and Well Protected Footage

The rising numbers of insurance scammers on the road makes dash cam an essential gadget for the drivers. Capturing every moment on the road helps drivers to protect themselves in event of such incidents.

The DrivePro 50 features a built-in G-Sensor that triggers the Emergency Recording mode instantaneously when an impact is detected. Once triggered, it will prevents the recorded video footage in emergency mode from being overwritten.

User can manually enable the Emergency Recording mode with the red emergency button on the side if the need arises. This can be very useful for evidence collection in case of a fraudulent claim or lawsuit.

user friendly app
Wi-Fi and DrivePro New App & Toolbox

The DrivePro 50 can be operated entirely via iOS or Android devices thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and Transcend’s exclusive DrivePro New App. When connected to the DrivePro 50’s dedicated wireless network, users can stream, playback, and download videos, and easily adjust DrivePro 50’s settings directly from their smartphone or tablet.

The DrivePro Toolbox features a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily sort video files by its file name, date, or group for the ease of file management. It also allows Windows and Mac OS users to select and playback the recorded videos on the DrivePro 50 without the needing to install separate codecs.

free memory card

Easy to Install, Bundled with 16GB microSDHC Memory Card

The DrivePro 50 features a very user-friendly mounting kit that is easy to install even for new users. The included Transcend High Endurance 16GB microSDHC MLC memory card too, offers consistent performance and durability.

In case if you wonder, the DrivePro 50 has a Loop Recording mode enabled by default. Newer footage will overwrite the older footage if unused, saving you from the trouble from running out of memory.


The Transcend DrivePro 50 comes with a Two-year Limited Warranty from Transcend.

For more information on the DrivePro 50, kindly visit the product page at

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