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Samsung Q900R

We Gamed on the Samsung Q900R 82-inch 8K QLED TV

Samsung Malaysia has invited us over to their new office to experience the all-new Samsung Q900R 82-inch 8K QLED TV, since shipping a costly and massive 82-inch TV for review would not be efficient for obvious reasons. Samsung Q900R & HW-Q90R Soundbar The day started

External Storage

Choosing the Right External Storage

While the modern cloud storage services are getting more popular due to their ease of access, in some use cases, local external storage is still highly regarded especially for large file sizes and faster download/copy speed. In this short write up, I’m going to break

Samsung Reflects on a Decade of Mobile Innovation

As Samsung celebrates its 10th anniversary for their flagship series, the South Korean company looks back at their journey in the mobile innovation to help millions to accomplish more while on-the-go. Laying the Foundation It all started way before the smartphone became a thing. Back

Samsung QLED

Samsung QLED TV & Harman Kardon Experience

When Samsung first debut the QLED TV back in early March, as someone who experienced the OLED TV panels, hearing the news alone got me really excited to personally try out the panels. So here we are, at Samsung Express Service Centre at Mutiara Damansara

Philips Hue A60 Starter Kit

Smarten & Brighten Up Your Home with These Smart Gadgets

Is your home smart enough for you? Nowadays, there has been so much development in technology that you can control most of your home appliances from your fingertips. We are able to pick and choose the most applicable gadgets for our home to assemble a

How to Set Up and Record More Impressive Video Footage

Although most people have access to some sort of video camera or other in the form of a camcorder, digital camera, smartphone or webcam – they are often disappointed with the videos that they capture. While recording videos is easy and convenient, capturing video footage