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What to Do when Mac Stuck on Login Screen?

When you press the power button to boot up your Mac, you are bound to experience the following startup process. First, you will see an Apple logo, then it’s the loading progress bar (you’ll have to enter the password first if you have FileVault turned

Entrepreneurs Sharing Their Hands-On Experience with vivo X50 Pro

The recently released vivo X50 Pro is one of the most interesting phones the company has ever announced. It is a sleek and beautiful device that focuses on providing personalised and premium user experience. The new X50 Pro features a one-of-its-kind Gimbal Camera System whereby

Signify to Achieve Their 2020 Sustainability Goals

2019 has been a wonderful year for Signify as they made significant progress towards its sustainability targets set in its Brighter Lives, Better World program. The company has reduced its carbon footprint by 9.5% and increased the number of markets where it achieved carbon neutrality

Samsung Q900R

We Gamed on the Samsung Q900R 82-inch 8K QLED TV

Samsung Malaysia has invited us over to their new office to experience the all-new Samsung Q900R 82-inch 8K QLED TV, since shipping a costly and massive 82-inch TV for review would not be efficient for obvious reasons. Samsung Q900R & HW-Q90R Soundbar The day started

External Storage

Choosing the Right External Storage

While the modern cloud storage services are getting more popular due to their ease of access, in some use cases, local external storage is still highly regarded especially for large file sizes and faster download/copy speed. In this short write up, I’m going to break

Samsung Reflects on a Decade of Mobile Innovation

As Samsung celebrates its 10th anniversary for their flagship series, the South Korean company looks back at their journey in the mobile innovation to help millions to accomplish more while on-the-go. Laying the Foundation It all started way before the smartphone became a thing. Back