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Samsung The Serif Smart TV – Who is it for?

If you still remember Samsung The Frame, it was a  state of the art TV that sports both technology and design. The Frame, other than being a standard TV, it also plays the role of a picture frame which inspires the naming of the TV.

Samsung’s Clean Station is the best Stick Vacuum Companion

I hate corded vacuum cleaners. Sure, they are more powerful for cleaning but the hassle of dragging around the power cord as well as the main vacuum unit itself makes the whole cleaning progress less enjoyable. I mean, doing house chore should be more enjoyable

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

The Future of Cinema Entertainment After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has taken over the world by storm. Love it for hate it, the damage has been done. It has affected countless industries and the livelihood of those in the business that involves getting people together. In the time where social distancing

Multi-Camera Phones: Is it Necessary?

It has become a norm whenever a phone brand releases a phone they will go on to tout how many cameras they have aligned to the back of the device. As much as the industry has evolved in terms of hardware and computational photography, I

Apple Inc Moving In The Right Direction

The past week when the world was staying indoors, Apple silently releases an updated MacBook Air. It is well-known that Apple MacBooks have been plagued with bad reviews due to their infamously unreliable butterfly keyboards, however, the 16-inch MacBook Pro changed all that. They gave

Foldable Phones; Gimmick Or The Future?

Just when we think phones can no longer get any more unique, Huawei and Samsung introduced the first foldable smartphone with the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold shaking the tech world in 2019. Only ever imagined in movies, the Mate X and Galaxy

Are Bezel-less The Way To Go?

The technological industry for the past few years has been obsessed with shrinking bezels for more screen real estate. While it is a very welcomed move when bezels were the size of the Atlantic Ocean, now it looks as if the manufacturers are shrinking more

Why Audio Reviews Cannot Be Fully Trusted

In this day and age where every reviewer can call themself an audiophile, most of them are nothing more than an inexperienced listener whose only experience is listening to SONY speakers in Harvey Norman. This is the kind of people who tried a pair of

Apple Listened! 16-inch MacBook Pro

After a 4-year disastrous Macbook Pro lineup, Apple has finally woken up and deliver what every company should have done, giving customers what they want. The 2016 lineup has been no less disappointing to its consumers with its problematic butterfly keyboard, thermal throttling, and questionable

Transcend Corner Bond and Underfill (2)

How Corner Bond and Underfill Increases The Reliability of Embedded Products

Embedded systems are marked by a need for small components, unmatched reliability, and the ability to withstand harsh conditions. Transcend Information, Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade products, offers corner bond and underfill as customization options for its embedded products to increase reliability under high